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Shiva Thirumazhusai

Founder and CEO

Shiva Thirumazhusai is currently the Founder and CEO of Nasotech, an innovative technology business solutions company. The company provides solution based on the internal platform and custom solutions. Nasotech has pioneered in creating, architecting, deploying a large number of software applications for Legacy, Internet, Mobile, Cloud, Big Data, IoT and Voice platforms. Nasotech has developed a unique mobile platform for faster development and deployment. Nasotech used the new platform to deliver multiple apps.
Shiva was a founding member of two startups with successful exits. (Paper Software Inc acquired by Netscape and Network24 acquired by Akamai). Shiva is a co-founder and organizer for Google Developer Group in DC Area. He worked with many local organizations in organizing meetings on entrepreneurial and technology topics benefiting DC Area technology, business professionals and entrepreneurs. Shiva also runs multiple meet-up groups relating to Mobile, Big Data and Other technologies. Shiva is an ardent leader and strong practicing evangelist of open source software. He is a coach and mentor for many software engineers, architects, technical professionals, and entrepreneurs in US, India and other countries. Shiva has over 25 years of experience in creating and deploying solutions for enterprise and consumers.
He started his career in building technologies like (1) Netcaster – an award winning push technology product from Netscape, used on many web and mobile products. RSS/Feeds were initially conceived by the Push technology era. (2) Live3D a cross-platform plug-in and First commercial Plug-in for Netscape, (3) Paper Software’s 3D browser (WebFX) that was acquired by Netscape.
Shiva is a TIE Charter Member. Shiva is a member of CTO group in DC.

Advising in areas of:

Agile | Business Administration | Business Development | Business Fundamentals | Business Models | Business Strategy | Customer Development | Design Thinking | Development | Digital and Product strategy | Emerging Startups | Enterprise Software | Executive Leadership | Health IT | Human Factors | Incubators | Information Technology | International Business | Internet Architecture | Investor Strategy | Leadership | Lean Startup | Market analysis | Marketing | Mobile Strategy | Online Communities | Organization and Team building | Pitch Preparation | Product management and Delivery | Product Research | SEO | Software Development | Strategic Planning | Technology | User Experience | Value Proposition Design |

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