An Intelligent
Employee & Employer
Benefits Marketplace

eBN Marketplace reverses the decades long inefficient model with an intelligent model where products intelligently find buyers

Access a portfolio of industry-leading products and services to enhance your life through the eBN Employee & Employer Marketplace which leverages our partnerships with hundreds of providers and platforms to bring a truly unified approach to benefits for consumers.

With this easy one-stop purchase and payment marketplace, we bring to you a simple enrollment experience with education and decision support tools, including intelligence and seamless purchase recommendations based on employee life changes.

A Marketplace that allows you to Bring You Own Products (BYOP)
We are pleased to provide products & services to improve workforce productivity and employee retention, which includes discounts, incentive, rewards and recognition programs as well as Feedback/Surveys & Collaboration tools.

For more information please reach out to us at to set up a meeting to discuss your specific needs or place your products/services on our Marketplace.

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