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Kevin Ringham

Venture Adviser

Starting in 1990, Kevin’s career path has included systems programming at NCR and AT&T, developing and architecting commercial software applications at American Management Systems (Federal contractor), assuming lead and project management roles on various independent contracts, and in 1997 led him to Tiger Team. Along the way, Kevin honed an eye for detail and the ability to see matters from a client’s perspective. Perhaps most importantly, he learned that it’s the people that make or break every effort. TTC has provided a platform into which Kevin can incorporate his affinity for staff development, entrepreneurial growth, and new technology. In addition to TTC management, Kevin continues to offer a combination of hands-on development and technical leadership to our clients. Kevin has a degree in Computer and Electrical Engineering from Purdue University.

Advising in areas of:

Adopting Agile/Lean Startup | Executive/Operations Management | Software Development |

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