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Hector Del Castillohris software, run payroll, Carrier connection, ACA compliance, HIPAA compliance, SOC 2, Brokers, Sell more insurance, Streamline case enrollments, Benefit enrollment software

Hector Del Castillo

Chief Technology Officer of V-Sense Medical

Hector Del Castillo has over 15 years of experience helping executives, senior managers, and entrepreneurs to transform ideas into a great business. He’s passionate about building and marketing products customers love.

As a consultant, trainer and coach, he helps accelerate growth by building capacity and capability, guiding and training product teams, improving processes and deploying best in class tools to make smarter decisions and get better results from product investments.

He specializes helping internet of things, big data analytics, cyber security, enterprise mobility, healthtech, medtech cognitive learning, robotics and enterprise software vendors.

Advising in areas of:

Business Development | Business Models | Business planning | Business Strategy | Consultant | Content Marketing | Design Thinking | Digital and Product strategy | Enterprise Software | Growth strategies | Health IT | Information Technology | Market analysis | Mobile Strategy | Product development | Product management and Delivery | Strategic Planning | Value Proposition Design |

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