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Employer Groups

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Reduce Costs

+ Ensure premium charges match total number of employees

+ Reduce enrollment errors caused by manual data entry

Free Up HR Staff Time

+ Sail through open enrollment by eliminating the need to manually key enrollment changes into multiple carrier web portals

+ Reduce the time needed for data reconciliation to make sure that carrier records match company records

Improve Employee Experience

Catch missed enrollments that would otherwise cause employees to be denied coverage at the point of service

+ Communicate enrollment information to carriers for insurance cards to be delivered to employees without delay

Agnostic Service Provider

+ Flexibility to integrate with any brand of HRMS software

Secure Data Transfer

+ Protects your data through Internet security protocols, PGP encryption and authentication certificates

Comprehensive Offering

+ Supports all applicable standards and protocols, including HIPAA 834 EDI and proprietary carrier file formats

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