Our Story

A partner committed to your success


We want to see the complex world of benefits clearer and simpler by building a single network that supports the transactional needs that drive employer, employee, brokers, insurance companies and other stakeholders efficiency and ultimate success.


While the statements on the right are necessary, we are driven by the statements on the left

We value Individuals and Interaction over processes and tools
We value Collaboration for success over contract negotiation
We value responding to changing needs over following a roadmap
We value keeping our word and promises over legal agreements


We are a team of passionate domain experts, innovators, creators, engineers and an awesome support team that are thrilled to be working in this industry and are obsessed with our partners and clients success. We are not perfect beings but we do work very hard each day to improve and take responsibility for our decisions and actions.

Why work
with us

We are recognized by our innovation and elegant solutions

We are praised for being easy to work with

But most importantly, we work very hard to earn your trust and are only focused on your success. We strongly believe that our partners and clients are more successful with us.

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